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On average, only 35% of companies achieve their targets.

According to research published in Harvard Business Review, 2021, a majority of projects are failing to meet their goals. Despite having all the resources in place and a strategy that should be yielding results, companies continually are not succeeding.
Laptop mock-up displaying WorkInsights sample report.
Laptop mock-up displaying WorkInsights sample report, same image as previous but reversed.

Data shows that 85% of results are determined by how well people interact and work together.

The truth is that businesses don’t know how to optimize their people. Leaders globally are forfeiting trillions of dollars of new value because they can't get their employees onside and aligned with their vision for success.

So how can you tell if your people are with you, or not?

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Step 1

Work with the leader to clarify the leadership goals

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Step 2

Conduct in-depth survey to gain the perspectives of your people

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Step 3

Analyze the data to identify opportunities and blockages

“WorkInsight’s validated things we had intuitively sensed about our business, but more importantly, it uncovered a deeper understanding of what is contributing to bottlenecks in our organization. The key insights that came out of the report have helped our leadership team focus on initiatives that address these issues and help us to achieve our strategic vision.”
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