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Helping Leaders Make Sense of the Working Environment

Founded in 2017, WorkInsights provides deeply insightful and comprehensive diagnostic tools and analytics that calculate the employee experience for your organization. This approach ensures a higher quality of work for everyone involved. The company’s analytical method eliminates costly guesswork about change and performance, facilitating evidence-based decision-making by understanding what really is happening in your workforce, why, and how you can move forward.

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Michael DeVenney

Michael DeVenney, CFA, ICD.D

Founder & CEO

As Founder of WorkInsights, Michael brings to clients a unique, deeply insightful and comprehensive coaching approach that is focused on building businesses that provide a quality of working experience for all. Using innovative diagnostic tools that calculate the hidden strengths and threats to your business in real time. WorkInsights eliminates the costly guess work and facilitates evidence-based decision making by understanding what is really standing in the way of your optimum organizational performance and wellness.

Being openly gay and living with a mental illness, Michael is committed to supporting leaders create workplaces that are inclusive where people feel a sense of community and belonging, able to be authentic and be themselves while bringing their best contribution.