Now Is The Time For Leaders To Step Up - And Here’s What They Need To Do
Michael DeVenney
March 14, 2022

Now is a window in time to make a difference, you as a leader can bring people on a path of deliberate purpose, that will inspire, connect, and commit people to bring their best contribution and achieving shared success that creates a meaningful impact.

Decisions made now will leverage the potential of companies, or limit them, pushing them forward, or stalling them to fall behind.

Is it the right time for you as a leader?

Over the past year, I have worked with more than 300 leaders, asking questions, listening, and taking it all in. I see many leaders moving boldly, while others feel frozen as to what direction to take, with all feeling incredibly tired, fatigued by endless scrambling during the pandemic.

And now there are more decisions to make.

This period in time has been referred to as The Great Reimagining, The Great Reskilling, and now The Great Resignation. Expectations have never been higher, or the landscape so complex. Making the right decisions is critically important, and onerous.

Employees and communities are looking to leaders to set a strategic position.

It feels heavy!

Yet, I see an incredible opportunity. A time to make quality decisions, different than we did in the past, better with greater meaning. This is a space where leaders can do something big. Now is a place to take advantage of a unique set of circumstances to build a better future.


Where do you start?

The last 15 months have imposed significant shifts in how we interact, live, and work. What trends will continue, where will more change occur, and which were fads of the time?

From what I have seen, leaders are balancing three primary shifts that will be enduring – the customer experience, the employee relationship, and the digital transformation. And underlying those three seismic movements is the increased importance, almost demand, that organizations play a greater role in shaping societal change.

Basically, everything is changing.

It feels daunting because leaders are plagued by old demons; the ongoing noise of people around them, the same voices telling the same stories, and everyone is stressed. It is challenging, nearly impossible, to make quality decisions in these circumstances.

But you can – that is the exciting part. Leaders can shake up how decisions are made, and create better outcomes, despite the challenge. Inside the obstacle, the opportunity is always waiting if you want to see it.

So, let’s talk about the three primary shifts leaders need to balance:

1. Customer Experience

For customers and clients, the way they interact with companies, their expectations of personalization, and their preferences have created a landslide of needed change for how organizations support the customer journey. Within the shifting sands are incredible innovation ramps, enabling our companies to change the game and create greater value. You may have to dig a bit deeper, but the opportunity is there.

2. Employee Relationships

With employees, the relationship of leaders and the way people work has transformed, far more than the concept of remote and hybrid working arrangements. We have moved from a compliance model, where people follow processes to perform as needed, to a framework of contribution, with the employee in charge of deciding if they are ready to commit their best. They want to! Leaders need to look at how work is done as a partnering relationship. Culture is essential, and people need to connect to the purpose of the organization to engage their contribution. But done right, so much more can be accomplished together in healthy and collaborative ways of working.=

3. Digital Transformation

And the digitization of business has been happening for a decade with the last year speeding things up by a 20x multiple (an exhilarating and frightening ride). It is not about efficiency it is about the experience. Leaders can only achieve a competitive position with a digital platform integrated throughout the business and strategy. Digital affects everything an organization does, and few are ready or getting it right. Again, there is a path, and it can be found.

On top of these three enormous movements, people expect leaders to move beyond donating to causes to being a part of shaping social movements. How to intertwine our interaction with the climate, social movements, and making a sustainable world, is part of all decisions. And again, finding the direction can multiply results.


There is opportunity all around, with many decisions to be made. How do leaders make the right decisions for their organizations in this swirling landscape?

From my experience in the last year, I believe data is the key to the future. Not reams of historical numbers but forward-looking measures of perspectives, from people who matter like employees and customers, broadening and deepening the intelligence leaders work with, without the biases of groupthink and personal agendas. And following a quality decision-making process, great things will happen.  

The impact of the right data is that decisions are made with clarity, solving the right problem, confidence, seeing the truth, and commitment, engaging people in the direction.

So, I rarely make a direct offer but right now I want to. I see us at a time where leaders can make significant decisions that create better futures, in ways that bring people together to achieve a shared and meaningful outcome, in a healthy way. I want to be a part of that.

Right now, I am looking to work with leaders who want to make a bold move and do something with impact. I want to bring the data! And provide a differentiated brand of coaching. Using our customized analytics, we can diagnose the background of a decision to be made, with both quantitative and qualitative data (yes, how people truly feel), and develop key insights to help you make informed decisions.

In my work with you as a leader making a difference, I bring in a proven decision-making approach from my studying with the London School of Economics and Oxford University’s Said School of Business, so you are focused on the catalyst for positive change. Plus, I bring in Harvard University’s disruptive strategy approach to reframe the view. I add the data customized to your decision to give a broader and unbiased perspective, and support engaged discussions and debate to have constructive conversations, so you are confident in the decision and clear on the direction.

Leaders can make the right decisions, right now, and I can support you to get there, and want to.

Is now the right time for you as a leader to create new opportunities?

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