3 Questions Leaders Should Be Asking Themselves As We Move Into The Next Phase Of This Pandemic
Michael DeVenney
September 6, 2021

As we move to the next phase of this pandemic, and the possibilities, the question of what is most important holds our attention. With so much noise, it is easy to get distracted. But now, more than ever, we need clarity. Where do we deliberately place our energy and effort to create the most benefit for our customers, our employees, our company, our community, and ourselves?


Finding the answer is unique to each of us yet I feel we need to look at the intersection of three pieces to make the decisions that best fit.

First, we need to look inside and address what we want from our business. What are the outcomes we want to achieve? In working with entrepreneurs, we found the greatest source of stress to be realizing what they want from their company. Too many times, we let it happen and now it is essential that we proactively set a direction that is meaningful to us. We can provide leadership, creativity and energy when we do something that makes a positive difference. Answering this question honestly gives us and those around us the purpose to move forward into a landscape of uncertainty, ambiguity and complexity.

Then, what matters most to our customers? Things have changed. And many of these shifts are not going away. ‘Back to normal’ is not an option. Our eyes need to look outward to what is happening for clients. What trends have impacted their business, what has changed for them, and what will help them to be successful? Maybe they need what we have already done, most likely, their needs have changed, and we need to be in tune with where they are now. Asking questions to understand and appreciate what they are facing and how we can support and help them to achieve their most important outcomes is essential. We can then focus our offerings to meet them where they are and are going.

And we need to look at our teams. Their lives have been shaken in all aspects. What is most important to them? What do they see in their work? Are they on the same page as before and do they share the same understanding of where our business needs to go? Again, we need to take time to ask and listen. It is not reasonable to give certainty, but it is vital that we appreciate their perspectives and share our view of where we are going as a company. What capabilities do we have, and what do we need; where do we place our attention, what has changed, or not; and, what opportunities and challenges do we need to come together around? Being clear provides the confidence for people to cope with the continuing shifting ground ahead of us.

If we focus on what matters most to our own purpose, the needs of our customers, and the capabilities of our teams, we gain the clarity to find the opportunity to make a positive move forward.

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